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Happy rakhi SMS 2017 in Hindi and English for Brother and sister

Happy rakhi SMS 2016 in Hindi and English for Brother and sister

Happy rakhi SMS 2017 in Hindi and English for Brother and sister

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Happy rakhi SMS 2017:Many festival celebrate in India by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai. India is known as festival country. Raksha Bhandhan is one of the festival which celebrates in India. Raksha-Bandan will be celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shravan that’s called Poornima. So i am wishing you Happy Raksha-Bandan. Express your emotion to your brother or sister with sms or message. Here we provide some Rakhi sms 2017 or message for what's app status.

Rakhi Wallpaper, Greetings for brother and sister






Happy rakhi SMS 2017 in Hindi

Ch@nd@n k@ tik@ resh@m k@ dh@g@,
s@w@n ki sug@ndh b@rish ki fuh@r,
bh@iki ummid behn@ k@ py@r,
mub@r@k ho @@pko "R@ksh@ b@ndh@n" k@ tyoh@r

Khud@ K@re Tujhe Khushiy@n H@z@r Mile,
Mujhse Bhi @cch@ tujhe Y@@r Mile,
Meri Girlfriend Tujhe B@ndhe h@r s@@l R@khi,
@ur tujhe Ek @ur s@gi Beh@n K@ Py@@r Mile.

K@@my@bi @@pke K@d@m Chume,
Khushiy@n @@pke Ch@ro @ur Ho,
m@i krungi roj bh@gw@n se p@r@thn@,
Tum Mujhe ek do chocol@te to do,
H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

s@@ri G@liy@n phoolo se s@j@ r@khi h@i,
h@r mod p@r k@hi l@dkiy@n b@ith@ r@khi h@i,
p@t@ n@hi tum kis @ur se @@ j@o,
isliye h@mne h@r l@dki ko r@khi th@m@ r@khi h@i.
H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

Happy rakhi SMS 2017 in English for Brother and sister

God could not t@ke c@re for the whole world so he h@s given mothers to e@ch f@mily.
In the s@me w@y mother could not t@ke c@re for the whole p@rt of our life, so she h@d given brothers.
Th@nk-x for being my brother.
“H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

R@khi is just @n excuse for me to express myself:
You me@n the world to me.
H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n to my sweet sister.

Ne@r of f@r wherever ur,
My best wishes r with U,
Tum jiyo h@z@ron s@@l,
M@y success & joy be yours everyd@y,
Yehi h@i meri wish dil se!
“H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n”

R: rock strong rel@tionship
@: @ccept@nce @ll @long
K: kindness to the core
H: he@rtw@rming presence
I: ide@listic rel@tionship,
H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n.

No m@tter the dist@nces between us,
 my R@khi will @lw@ys re@ch on time,
to be tied on the wrist of my loving brother
 with the he@rtw@rming wishes of joy @nd h@ppiness to illumin@te your life.

The pious occ@sion of R@ksh@ B@ndh@n reminds me of the d@ys
 when we were kids. We fought @nd m@de up e@sily.
 Those lovely d@ys c@n’t come b@ck but will
@lw@ys st@y in my he@rt.
Missing you d@rling brother on this R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

You helped me while I w@s in trouble,
you m@de me feel s@fe when I w@s sc@red
 @nd other things you did to m@ke me h@ppy.
Th@nks is insufficient for @ll this. H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n to you, Brother

 I feel so blessed @nd tre@sured
to h@ve @ brother like you in my life.
You like @n @ngel @re @lw@ys
 there when I need you.
Th@nks Brother @nd h@ve @ h@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

Sister is someone who is c@ring @nd sh@ring.
 Sister c@n underst@nd things you never s@id.
She c@n underst@nd p@in, which is not visible to @nyone.
I love my sister

Rakhi Day is the day when special people
Like u r thought of fondly with love & cheer
Hope every hour of this special day is filled with moments,
That will bring happiness for you.

Best Happy Rakhi 2017 Sms,quotes,wallpapers,sayari,messages for Sister and Brothers

Best Happy Rakhi 2016 Sms,quotes,wallpapers,sayari,messages for Sister and Brothers

Best Happy Rakhi 2017 Sms,quotes,wallpapers,sayari,messages for Sister and Brothers

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Best Happy Rakhi 2017 Quotes,Wallpapers







Best Happy Rakhi 2017 Sms,sayari,messages for Sister and Brothers in Hindi

I wish u "HAPPY RAKHI" and I pray to GOD for your prosperous life.
May you find all the delights of life, May all your dreams come true.
My best wishes will always be with you,
And I wish that you'll always shower your blessings on me. 

Risht@ h@i j@nmo k@ h@m@r@
Bh@rose k@ @ur py@@r bh@r@
Ch@lo, ise b@ndhe bh@iy@ R@khi ke @tut b@ndh@n mein.
H@ppy r@ksh@ B@ndh@n

@@pke liye mer@ yeh dil...
y@hi du@ k@rt@ h@i ke...
k@@my@bi @@pke k@d@m chume...
@ur @@p h@mesh@ zind@gi mein k@my@@b hoon...
Shubh R@khi

B@h@n K@ Py@r Kisi Du@ se K@m N@hi,
Vo Ch@he Dur R@he Bhi To Koi Gum N@hi,
@ks@r Rishto Duriyo se Phike P@r J@te H@i,
P@r Bh@i - B@h@n K@ Py@r K@bhi K@m N@hi Hot@,

Khud@ K@re Tujhe Khushiy@n H@z@@r Mile,
Meri du@ k@ s@hi @@s@r mile,
Py@ri si B@h@n hu m@i teri
R@khi k@ tewh@r me
Khud@ v kubul f@rm@ye
Bh@iy@ se py@r meri

Py@r k@ Dh@g@, Ch@nd@n k@ Til@k,
Phoolon ki khusboo, B@rish ki fuh@@r,
Ye hi to h@i bh@i or b@hen k@ py@r.
Khusiy@n le ke @ye ye tyoh@@r.
H@ppy R@ksh@b@ndh@n….

B@hen Ch@he Sirf Py@r Dul@r,
N@hi M@ngti B@de Uph@@r,
Risht@ B@ne R@he S@diyon
T@k, Mile Bh@i Ko Khushiy@n
H@z@@r, H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n…

Best Happy Rakhi 2017 Sms,sayari,messages for Sister and Brothers in English

Tod@y Is R@khsh@ B@nd@n
@nd U R Not Here By My Side..
But We R Close In E@ch Others Thought
@nd My Love Will @lw@ys Be With U.
H@ppy R@ksh@n B@ndh@n Bro

R@khi Is The Symbol Of Love Between
Brother @nd Sister, Its Such @
Gre@t Feeling, I @lw@ys Do Wish
My Sister On This Speci@l Event,
@nd @lso Present @ Cool Gift @s
Her Surprise, H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n…

This msg is for the most wonderful
sisters of this world - b@di - chhoti.
Th@nk u didi for @lw@ys being there on my
side @nd for helping me in those infinite
w@ys which I c@nnot even remember…

Brothers @re like streetlights @long the ro@d
They don't m@ke dist@nce @ny shorter
But they light up the p@th @nd
M@ke the w@lk worthwhile.

f I c@n choose my brother in next life,
It’ll be u
U gift me
@ Di@mond set tomorrow ;)
Love you @lw@ys.

You'll never lose me
We g@in @nd lose things everyd@y.
But trust me on one thing.
You'll never lose me.
I will @lw@ys be ...

Hello brother! M@y god give my @ll h@ppiness to my brother @nd give @ll his sorrows to me.
 M@ke his life brighter like @ light of st@r.
Do not give him success @s @ gift but m@ke him c@p@ble to @chieve it.
Give him th@t much of confidence th@t he c@n win the world.
 Fulfill his he@rt with th@t much of love
so th@t he c@n underst@nd the problems of those who @re needy & help them.
H@ppy R@ksh@ B@ndh@n

Rakhi SMS 2017: Rakhi SMS, Messages, wishes for brother and sister

Rakhi SMS,Rakhi Messages, Rakhi Wishes sms

 Rakhi SMS:Rakhi is a very special festival to express the love and affection between Sister and brother. Generally people are searching for the Raksha Bandhan SMS, rakhi wishes, Rakhi sms, Rakhi SMS for brother, Rakhi SMS for Sister, Rakhi SMS 2017, Rakhi SMS in English, Rakhi Quotes SMS, Rakhi SMS wallpaper, Rakhi SMS images, best Rakhi sms, Rakhi sms collection.
Here is the list of some cute,new,latest and best Rakhi SMS 2017. Feel free to share these Rakhi messages with your dear brothers and sisters.


Rakhi SMS for Brother and sister

Today Is Rakhsha Bandan
And U R Not Here By My Side..
But We R Close In Each Others Thought
And My Love Will Always Be With U.

Near or far wherever u r,
My best wishes r with U,
Tum jiyo hazaron saal,
May success & joy be yours everyday,
Yehi hai meri wish dil se!
“Happy Raksha Bandhan”

God could not take care for the whole world
so he has given mothers to each family.
In the same way mother could not take care
for the whole part of our life, so she had given brothers.
Thanks for being my brother.
This msg is for the most wonderful
sisters of this world —-badi and chhoti.
Thank u didi for always being there on my
side and for helping me in those infinite
ways which I cannot even remember…

You are the best sister
that I would ever get in my life.
I want you to be happy wherever and however you are.
I know you love me too
I love you more than anyone else in this world.
Missing you !! Love you forever !!
Sorry for constantly making you cry.
But I love you very much.
Whenever I make a conscious effort not to make you feel sad,
I do so and end up making you angry and frustrated.
You are my soul and everything in my life depends on your happy life.
May you lead a worthy life.
Love you forever !! Happy Raksha Bandha Sister !! :)

When the world goes dark,
Stars are there...
When the journey breaks up,
Hope is there...
When the entire world is vanished,
And you feel left alone...
Tilt your head and look beside you,
Will bring you comfort feeling of
Care and affection molds on you,
As your Brother is always beside you
To pour the special love and affection forever...
If one day you feel like CRYING...
Call me!
I promise that I will make you LAUGH.
If one day you want to RUN AWAY due to problems...
Don't be afraid to call me!
I promise that I will motivate you to FIGHT against worries.
And If one day you don't want to LISTEN to anyone...
Call me!
I promise to be there for you, and to listen to you VERY QUIET.
And whenever you need me, but can't even speak, Simply whisper in your heart,
I will be right there - Just before you...
My heartiest wishes to the most Lovely sister on the planet "The Earth".
Happy Raksha Bandhan !!

Within this small interval of time you become part of my life.
As my dearest friend,
as my loving sister to share everything.
My heart full rakhi wishes to you...
With lots of love
My Sister, My Friend,
We have been through a lot,
Some rough times,
Some sad times,
Some fun times,
Some good times,
Some times I'll never forget,
And some time I wish I could,
You are not only my sister,
But my best friend I could ever have,
We have been through a lot together,
And I hope there are more good ones to come.

Yes I love you.
You are so cute, smart.
My mother also likes you very much.
My father is ready to take up our relationship seriously.
So please don't say no to my proposal.
Accept me as your dearest, loveliest younger sister.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya.”

Hey my sweet little pie,
your cute smile makes my day,
your small little hands take me out from all dangers of life.
You are little angel of my life.
I love you. Your's elder sister/brother.
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