Love Shayari,sms in Hindi - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

Love Shayari,sms in Hindi

Love Shayari,sms in Hindi

Love Shayari,SMS in Hindi

Love Shayari,sms in Hindi:In this post we are sharing Love Shayari in Hindi or Latest Love Shayari and SMS for girlfriend. Many boys or girls face difficulty to search some best Love Shayari for boyfriend, Latest Love Shayari and SMS in English, Love SMS, Best love Shayari and SMS for Friends, Love SMS, lovely SMS for girlfriend, Lovely SMS for Boy Friends. So here we provide best love Shayari in the world.

Love Shayari,SMS,Messages in Hindi

Moh@bb@t ki g@w@hi @pne
hone ki kh@b@r le j@@…
Jidh@r wo sh@ks reht@ h@i
Mujhe @ye dil! udh@r le j@@…

B@n@ne W@le Ne Bhi Tujhe,
Kisi K@r@n Se B@n@y@ Hog@,
Chod@ Hog@ J@b Z@meen P@r Tujhe,
Uske Seene Mein Bhi D@rd To @@y@ Hog@…

N@@m‬ to Likh Du ‪Usk@‬…
@pni H@r ‪Sh@y@ri‬ Ke S@th..
M@g@r Fir ‪#‎Kh@y@l‬ @@t@ h@i,
M@soom‬ Si H@i ‪#‎J@@n‬ Meri
K@hi ‪#‎B@dn@@m‬ N@ Ho J@ye!

@pn@ toh ch@@h@ton mein y@hi usool h@in,
J@b tu qubool h@i, toh ter@ sub kuch qubool h@i…♥

B@d@ln@ n@hi @@t@ humein m@us@m ki t@r@h,
H@r ek rut mein ter@intez@@r k@rte h@in..
N@ tum s@mjh s@ko jise q@y@@m@t t@k,
K@s@m tumhrei tumhe itn@ py@@r k@rte h@in..

@@p khud nhi j@nti @@p kitni py@ri ho
J@@n to h@m@ri p@r j@@n se py@@ri ho
Duriyon k hone se koi f@rk nhi p@dt@
@@p kl b h@m@ri thi @@j b h@m@ri ho…!!
B@s Ek Choti Si H@@n Kr Do
H@m@re N@@m Is T@rh@ S@r@J@h@n Kr Do!
Wo Moh@bbt@in Jo Tum@re Dil Mein H@in
Un ko Zub@n Pr L@o 0r B@y@n Kr Do!
@@j B@s @p K@ho 0r Kehty HiJ@o
Hum B@s Sune @is@ Be-Zub@n Kr Do!
Hoi Pur@ni D@st@n Heer R@njh@ Ki
T@rikh Moh@bb@t Ki Phir Se J@w@n Kr Do,
@@-J@o Ke @is@ Toot Kr Ch@hon Tumhe
H@m@ri Moh@b@t Ko Moh@bb@t K@ Nish@n Kr Do!
@pne Dil Me Is T@rh@ Chup@ Lo MujKo
R@hon Humesh@ Is me @is@ Mer@ M@k@n k@r Do…!!!

D@rd k@ ehs@s j@nn@ h@i to py@r k@r ke dekho,
@pni @@nkho me kisi ko ut@r k@r dekho,
Chot unko l@gegi @@nsu tumhe @@ j@yenge,
Ye ehs@s j@nn@ ho to Dil h@@r k@r dekho
Tumse Mul@k@t ho, Phir se koi b@@t ho..
W@qt ki kuch n@ ch@le, N@ Din dh@le, n@ r@@t ho..
Zikr gum k@ chod k@r, Teri-meri b@@t ho..
Zind@gi ko m@ud dein, Ek n@yi shuru@@t ho..
Dil ki j@b dh@dk@n th@mey, Dil pe ter@ h@@th ho.

Dil k@ h@@l b@t@n@ n@hi @@t@
Kisi ko @ise t@dp@@n@ n@hi @@t@
Sun-n@ ch@@hte h@in @@pki @w@@z
M@g@r b@@t k@rne k@ b@h@n@ n@hi @@t@

Kisi n@ kisi pe kisi ko @itb@r ho j@@t@ h@i
@jn@bi koyi sh@kh@ y@@r ho j@@t@ h@i
Khoobiyon se n@hi hoti moh@bb@t s@d@@
K@miyon se bhi @ks@r py@@r py@r ho j@@t@ h@i

Sukun milt@ h@i j@b unse b@@t hoti h@i
H@z@r r@@ton mein wo ek r@@t hoti h@i
Nig@h uth@k@r j@b dekhte h@in wo meri t@r@f
Mere liye wohi p@l poori k@@yn@t hoti h@i.


  1. Nice Post. love shayri mostly used to express feeling. love messages are very popular now a days to express the someones own feelings.


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