Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi for girlfriend - Love Shayari, SMS, Mother's Day SMS, Messages, Wishes Quotes and Wallpaper

Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi for girlfriend

Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi for girlfriend

Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi for girlfriend: In this article we share some best Love Shayari for girl friend in Hindi, love SMS for girlfriend, love Messages for girl friend in Hindi, Love SMS in Hindi for girl friend, Best Love SMS in Hindi, Love Messages in Hindi, Love SMS for wife in Hindi,Love Shayari, SMS, Messages in Hindi for girlfriend

Love Shayari and SMS in Hindi for girlfriend

Zulfon mein teri h@in meri j@nn@t b@si,
H@r g@m ko chuup@ leti h@i teri ye dilk@sh h@nsi
Meri h@r y@@d mein teri sur@t h@in b@si,
Jo tum mil j@o to meri duniy@ me @@ j@ye dilk@shi.
Mujhe kisi ki z@rur@t n@hi !
Siw@y tere…
Mere n@z@r ko t@l@sh jis ki b@rson
se !
Kisi ke p@@s wo sur@t n@hi
Siw@y tere…
Jo mere dil or meri zind@gi se khel
s@ke !
Kisi ko itni ij@@z@t n@hi
Siw@y tere..!!,.
T@iz b@rish mein k@bhi s@rd h@w@on me r@h@,
Ek ter@ zik@r th@ jo meri s@d@@on mein r@h@
Kitne logon se mere gehre rishte the
M@gr ter@ chehr@ hi sirf meri du@on mein r@h@!

Tujhe Ink@r H@i Mujse, Mujhe Ikr@r H@i Tujhse,
Tu Kh@f@ H@i Mujse, Mujhe Ch@h@t H@i Tujhse,
Tu M@yoos H@i Mujhse, Mujhe Khushi H@i Tujhse,
Tujhe N@fr@t H@i Mujhse @ur Mujhe Py@r H@i Tujhse…
Phir se woh s@pne s@j@ne ch@l@ hoon,
Umedoon ke s@re diye j@l@ne ch@l@ hoon,
@nz@m toh mer@ bur@ hi hog@,
Fir bhi tumhein @@pn@ b@n@ne ch@l@ hoon.

Is dubi huyi n@o k@ kin@r@ ho tum
Meri zindegi k@ woh @nj@@m ho tum
Youn to h@r muskil ko p@@r k@rne ki himm@t h@i mujh me
B@s tumko khonese d@rte h@i hum.

Meri zindg@@ni ki ek py@ri si s@ug@@t b@n j@o,
Meri t@m@nn@o ki ek l@mbi si r@@t b@n j@o,
Phir n@ hongi koyi t@m@nn@ mujhe mere r@b se,
Mere jism ko zind@ rkhne w@li meri ruh k z@jb@@t bn j@o

Moh@bb@t hoon Moh@bb@t k@rke dekh
M@in Moh@bb@t n@ doon To kehn@
M@in muskur@h@t hoon Mujhe H@ns@ k@r d@kh
N@ s@joon t@re honton per to kehn@
M@in khushboo hoon mujhe Mehsoos k@rke dekh
N@ mehkoon t@ri zind@gi m@in to kehn@
M@in Dil hoon mujhe Sun ker dekh
N@ dh@koon Tere Dil m@in to kehn@
M@in phool hoon mujhey L@g@ ker dekh
N@ mehkoon din r@@t To kehn@
M@in moh@bb@t hoon mujhe @pn@ k@rke dekh
N@ b@noo m@in ter@@ to kehn@
Unke hontho pe mer@ n@@m j@b @y@ hog@..
Khudko rusw@yi se phir k@ise b@ch@y@ hog@..
Sunke f@s@n@ @uro se merii b@rb@di k@..
Ky@ unko @pn@ sit@m n@ y@@d @y@ hog@.

S@@th @g@r doge muskr@yenge z@rur,
Py@r @g@r dil se k@roge to nibh@yenge z@rur,
R@@h me kitne k@nte q n@ ho ,
@w@z @g@r dil se doge to @@yenge z@rur…

B@rb@@d ho g@ye the hum duniy@ ne yun humko s@t@y@ th@,
H@r ek mod pe hum girte the kisi ne bhi n@ humko uth@y@ th@,
T@b tune hi s@n@m ek umeed k@ diy@ j@l@y@ th@,
@pne h@r ek g@m ko chup@k@r mujhe jeen@ sikh@y@ th@.
K@sh feeling bhi sms ki t@r@h hoti
To @@p k GUM hum recieve k@rte
@pni KHUSHIY@N @@p ko send k@rte
@@pki N@R@ZGI delete k@rte
@ur @@pki Y@DON ko s@ve k@rte.

Usne k@h@ Py@r ek d@rd h@i..
Humne k@h@ d@rd q@bul h@i..
Usne k@h@ d@rd ke s@@th ji n@ p@oge..
Humne k@h@ teri Py@r ke s@@th m@rn@ q@bul h@i.

Keh ke dekh liy@, Chup reh ke bhi dekh liy@,
Ky@ k@rein j@b unhone hi kh@mosh k@r diy@.
Unse b@@t k@rne ke liye hum b@hut t@d@pte h@in,
P@r ky@ k@rein j@b h@m@re c@ll k@rne se who bh@dkte h@i.
Ut@r ke dekh meri ch@h@t ki gehr@i mein,
Sochn@ mere b@re mein r@@t ki t@nh@i mein,
@g@r ho j@ye meri ch@h@t k@ ehs@s tumhein,
To mileg@ mer@ @ks tumhein @pni hi p@rchh@i mein…

K@shti ch@li s@m@nd@r mein mil j@yeg@ kin@r@...
Is SMS se poochh len@ @@p ke bin@ kiy@ h@@l h@i hum@r@?
Hum @@p ko itn@ y@@d k@rte h@in jitn@ @@p h@mein y@@d k@rte h@in.
F@rq sirf itn@ h@i ki hum y@@d k@rke SMS k@rte h@in @@p SMS pedh k@r y@@d k@rte h@in.

Z@roori K@@m h@i lekin Roz@n@ Bhul j@t@ hu,
Mujhey tum se Moh@bb@t h@i b@t@n@ Bhul j@t@ hu,
Teri G@lion Mein Phirn@ itn@ @cch@ L@gt@ h@i,
Mein R@st@ Y@d R@kht@ hun thik@n@ Bhul j@t@ hu,
B@s itni b@@t per m@in Logon ko @cch@ n@hi l@gt@,
Mein neki k@r tu det@ hun J@t@n@ Bhul j@t@ hu.
Sirf sit@ron me hoti moh@bb@t @g@r,
In @lf@jon ko khubsur@ti k@un det@.
Bus p@tth@r b@nke reh j@t@ T@j M@h@l,
@g@r ishq ise @pni pehch@n n@ det@.


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