Best Funny Sms for friends in Hindi and English - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

Best Funny Sms for friends in Hindi and English

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Best Funny Sms for friends in Hindi and English

Two prisoners were waiting to be executed. "Any last requests?" asked the jailer.
"Yes", replied one of the prisoners. "I love music; so before I die, could you play me something by Himesh Resham"
And the second prisoner said, "Please kill me first."
Only "Itch Guard" can claim that it started it's business from 'scratch'.
Banta: What's the difference between us and Camels?
Santa: They can work without drinking for 7 days
We can drink without working for 7 days!

Pappu and Pinky were arguing over the breakfast table.
"You're so stupid," said Pappu.
"That's enough" said their dad. "Pappu, say sorry to Pinky", added Santa.
Pappu: I'm sorry you're so stupid!
Only 3 living beings are immune to cold:
1. Polar bears
2. Penguins
3. Girls wearing sleeveless and backless dresses in marriages during severe winter.
I've taken a vow of poverty. To annoy me, my friends send money.
If you ever find a woman who is Gorgeous and glamorous; has a nice figure, intelligent, gets things done on her own, drives a car very well, cooks best food, has little expectations and is not at all materialistic and loves you unconditionally, let it be known that the alcohol you have consumed is of the highest quality!
Q: Why are Egyptian children always confused?
A: Because after death, their DADDY becomes a MUMMY.
Reality is an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol.
Dear Internet Users, One day you will really regret not reading me.

Terms and Conditions or T & C Applied
Most people aren't sorry; just sorry they got caught.
You can never ask a girl her age. There is no such concept.
They don't have age but age groups which are follows:
Baby, Babes, Bebe and Biji!
Aarzu me tere Diwane ho gaye,
tuze Dost banate-banate aur Begane ho gaye,
kar de ab ek SMS is nachiz ko,
teri bhi Bakwas sms pade Zamane ho gaye..

Mausam ye haseen kehta hai pyar krle.
Dil diwana kehta hai ikrar karle.
chahat kehti hai izhar krle.
par mummy khti hai pehle
Graduation to pass karle
Kabhi KisiKo Tang Kiya Nahi karte
Yu PJ Jokes or Miss Call Diya nahi krte

Jiska Mobile Hai Usko Wapis KrDo
In Sab Chizo se Bandar khela nahi karte
Dil diya tha jisko diwani samajh kar
Kha gyi wo biryani samajh kar
EK katra b na choda khoon ka
pee gyi usko b nimbu pani samajh kar.
Arz kiya he

Ki ruthi he aise wo humse
Jaise hum sach me unhe mana lenge
Itna waqt kaun bekar kare
Itne me to hum DUSRI pata lenge

Main chandramukhi tu surajmukhi
main tuzse dukhi tu muzse dukhi
1 kam kar building se kudkar marja
Tu bhi sukhi main b sukhi

Zindgi Apni Masti Me Jiya Kar
Ishq Bahut Buri Cheez Hai Na Kiya Kr
Tu Apna Pura Dhyan Career Pe Mod De

Ishq Aur apni Girlfriend (GF) MERE liye Chhod de
Ae dost teri dosti ke liye duniya Chod denge
Ham teri tarf aye hr toofan ko mod dnge
Lekin tune jo sath Choda,
Kasam se Teri haddiya tod denge
Best Funny Sms for friends in Hindi and English


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