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Best Funny SMS, Wallpaper and Quotes

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Best Funny SMS for friends and relatives in English

Man to a very cute Air hostess: What's your name?
Air Hostess: Eva Benz
Man:Lovely name.Any relationship with Mercedes Benz?
Air Hostess:Our maintenance cost is the same :)
Having a wife is a part of living, But living with wife is called The Art of Living..
Very funny lines said to GOOGLE..
'Can u just Allow Me to write my sentence before you start Guessing !!.
Only a man knows a Man's nature!! For eg..
Customer: I want to buy a Ladies watch..
shopkeeper: Biwi l liye chahiye ya branded dikhau?

The next generation Boys Poem..
'Drinking Drinking little BEER,
How i wonder which BAR is near,
Quarter rates r up so HIGH,
Have desi with chana fry..!

KID : Y some of ur hair r white DAD?
Dad: Everytime u make me unhappy, 1 of my hair turns white.
KID: Now I understand y grandpa's hair r ALL white..!!

Santa was selling Parashut..
Plane se kudo,Button dabao aur aap zamin pe safe..
Custmer-Agar Parasdhut nhi Khula to..
Santa-O ji le aana change kr dunga..

What is d similarity between a successful Charterd Accountant & Miss World? Both are Very 'CONSCIOUS'about "FIGURES"

Height of Positive thinking: A Man Marrying his own secretary, Thinking that she will follow his order as Before...

There is nothing more expensive than a single drop of a female/girl tear!
When a tear falls, it first mixes with 'MAC' eyeliner and 'Maybelline' mascara;
Then it comes down to the cheek, it mixes with "La Femme" blusher;
And in case it touches the lips, it gets mixed with 'Lancome' lipstick;
This means that a single drop is worth at least Rs 15000!

Teacher: Do you know as to why did the World Wildlife Fund choose the giant panda as their symbol?
Pappu: Because they didn't have a colour printer!

A cute prayer 4 U - Dearest Friends:
May God break d front teeth of those ppl who secretly plot evil against u..
So dat u knw ur enemies by their smiles!

Sorry for distrubing you at this time...
if you are free now...
if you in good mood now....
if you have no work...
then please delete this message.
Funny English sms 2016,

Always have a

The Bank sends Santa a email written...
'Your payments are outstanding Sir....".
Santa replies - Thanks for the compliment Yaar.

Best Funny SMS in Hindi

Kabhi kabhi meri ankho mein Saya lagta he
Jo apna he wo praya lagta he
Tum se milne ki Tammana to bhot he
Aane jane me kiraya Bahut Lagta He

Na jaane kab koi tara toot jaye,
na jaane kab koi aansu aankh se chhoot jaye,
kuch pal hamare saath hass lo
na jaane kab Aapke Daant toot jaaye..

Dard itne mil chuke hai duniya me ki
ab kisi dard pe hum aah nhi krte
jo pehle hi wah wahi loot chuke hai
aise sher pe hum wah waah nahi karte

Dil ko pata tha wo zarur aayegi
dil ko pata tha wo zarur aayegi
par kabhi socha na tha
surprise me apne do Bachho ko bhi layegi

Laila Ki Shadi Mai Lafra Ho Gaya
Wah Wah
Laila Ki Shadi Mai Lafra Ho Gaya
Majnu Itna Nacha Ki Langra HoGya

Acha sila diya tune mere pyar ka,
yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka
Now remix-
Acha kurta siya tune mere naap ka
naap mera liya aur siya baap ka.

How does a female camel expresses her love for the male camel?
Ni Main Cameli Cameli;
Ni Main Cameli Cameli;
Ni Main Cameli Mere Yaar Di!


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