Latest Funny SMS, Funny Status for whatsapp and facebook - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

Latest Funny SMS, Funny Status for whatsapp and facebook

Latest Funny SMS, Funny Status for Whats app and Facebook 

Today i'm sharing funny stautus for whats app and facebook,share Funny sms on social sites. In present time people are looking for funny stats for social sites like twitter, facebook, whatsapp etc. People are post cool funny sms on whatsapp and facebook. So here funny we provide best funny status for whats app in Hindi and English.

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 Human-beings get rich as they grow old:
Silver in Hair;
Gold in Teeth;
Sugar in Blood;
Precious Stones in Kidney;
And a never ending supply of Gas!

I bought a new printer because
it was cheaper than ink refills.
Now I'm wondering how long before
new cars are cheaper than fuel.
Santa: My wife is a very careful driver.
Banta: How do you know that?
Santa: She always slows down when passing a red light!
Laughter is d Best medicine,
But if u r laughing without any reason, U need Medicine..
Aahat see koi aaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Saaya saa koi lehraaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Ab tum hee bataao kya tum kisi bhoot sey kam ho?

Aaj tum par aansuo kee barsaat hogi,
Phir wohi andheri kaali raat hogi,
Yaad naa karke tumne dil dukhaaya hain mera,
Jaa tere badan me khujali saari raat hogi!

Humpe mar k Munni badnam ho gai
humpe mar k Muni badnaam ho gai
Akele ho Gye the Munni k bina
Ye acha hua kambkht Shiela time pe jawan hogai.

Tujse kaise Nazar milaye dilbarjani,
Tujse kaise Nazar milaye dilbarjani
Meri right ankh kani (-_+)
Teri left ankh kani (+_-)

Jo dete h Girl ko tohfe
whi lgate h unki shadi me Sofe
Jo jate h un k piche
Wo ate h caro k niche
Jo khte h unko janu
Whi bnte h unk bacho k MAMU. .

Wo mujhe keh k chali gayi ‘GO 2 HELL’
wah wah
Wo mujhe keh k chali gayi ‘GO 2 HELL’
AUR mai dil pe hath rakh k kehta raha.
Is duniya me lakho log rehte h
Koi hasta h to koi rota h
duniya me sukhi wahi hota h
Jo sHam ko 2 paig laga k sota h
_| |_

A newly wedded desperate soldier sends a hand-grenade to his mother-in-law, with a note:
Dearest Mom,
If you pull this ring, I'll be able to get 3 days leave.

After 0ur Last Argument,
I Told My Girlfriend,
"I Hope Your Next Boyfriend
Appreciates The Improvements
I've Made In You .
Boys are stronger than Girls??

Ohh Please !!
No Ways!!!
Can they carry 8kg of shopping bag?
Can they go a week eating only salad?
Can they face a heart break?
If You Look At The Sky Tonight
And Notice That The Brightest Star Is Missing,
I Swear I Have No Clue
How The Hell I Fell From Sky But I'm OK
Latest Funny SMS, Funny Status for whatsapp and facebook


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