Good Night SMS,Messages,quotes for friends - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

Good Night SMS,Messages,quotes for friends

Good night Wishes SMS and Good Night Messages are sent night time. Some buddies like to send cute good night Wishes SMS to their friends. Some prefer to send sweet good night Messages, Romantic Good night SMS in Hindi or Even Sweet Love Good night Messages in English.  And almost every lovers or friends send Daily Romantic and Cute Good night Wishes SMS to their friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.

Good Night Quotes, Wallpaper for friends




 Good Night SMS,Messages,quotes for friends

The biggest quality of good human beings is that we don't need to remember them, they remain alive in our memories.
Good Night!

Darkness Is Everywhere. The Birds
Are Back There Home. Road Are
Quiet Every Body Is Sleeping,
But I M Not U Know Why ?
Just Wanted To Say You Good Night

Remember, without the difficult times in your life, you wouldn't be who you are today. Be grateful for the good and the bad.
Good Night!

I have given some marvelous
Persons a special place in my heart.
And u happen to be the one among
Them topping the list.
Good night and lots of sweet & salty dreams.
Cuddle up and sleep tight.

Always end the day, with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better.
Good Night!

Every normal person has 72 heart beats,
But for myself its 73.
The extra 1 is your smile.
So dont stop your smile, it will affect my heart.
Keep smiling.
Take care & good night

The brightest stars in my life are not planetary objects, they are friends like you who shine through night and day.
Good Night!

Forget All The Worries, Set Your
Mind Free, Of All The Daily
Tension, And What Ever Going To
Be Tomorrow. Have A Good Sleep
And Take A New Start. Good Night!

Life Without Sleeping Does Not
Exist, Day Without Night Is Not
The Blessing, This Your Time
To Enjoy God's Nature Inside
Of You With Your Eyes Closed.

May you fall a sleep
Catch sweet zzz’s in the arms of
Beautiful Wonderful,
Gorgeous Fabulous Dreams,
So that you’ve Smile,
when you Awake.
Good Night

Dil main halka sa shoor ho raha hay,
Bina SMS Dil bore sa ho raha hay.
Kahin aisa tou nahin aik pyara sa doost.
GOOD NIGHT kiyay bina soo raha hai.

DUNIA me reh k sapnon main kho jao,
KISI KO apna banalo YA kisi k ho jao,
AGAR kuch bhi nahi hota to DON'T WORRY,
chaddar-takiya lo aur so jao.
Good Night


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