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Good luck sms, messages and good luck text messages

Good luck sms messages and good luck text messages for your mobile phone. Best good luck sms messages , wishes and quotes collection on good luck sms on internet. Wish good luck though text messages to your friends and family members to say best of luck sms.

Good luck quotes and Wallpaper







Good luck sms, messages and good luck text messages

Care for the one who shares with U,
Share with the one who knows U,
Know the one who misses U,
MISS the one who well wishes for U,
Wish u a very Good Luck!

A tinge of green from the youthful trees
A bit of orange from the sunset hues
With crystal white from the morning dews
I have framed a colourful wish just for u

Meaning of some colors,
Yellow for special friend,
white for peace,
orange 4 luck,
black for hate,
red for love and
pink for likeness,
So i choose for u Orange Flower.
Wish u good luck

Are you hungry?
I have two bowls,
One for wishes and one for luck
Wishes are mine and luck is yours.
You can take it or leave it, the choice is yours

Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller
it will make climbing easier.
Hope you will be able to climb
all your mountains always.
Good Luck

Meaning of some colors,
Yellow 4 special friends,
White 4 peace,
Orange 4 luck,
Black 4 hate,
Red 4 love and
So I choose for u Orange Flower.
Wish u good luck

When things go wrong…
when sadness fills ur heart…
when tears flow in ur eyes…always remember 3 things
2—ur parents
3—my sincere prayers…..

The Hope, the Struggle and the Hard Work
Towards a goal is part of the rewards.
Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward
Good Luck!

never say u r happy when u r sad..
never say u r fine when u r not OK..
never say u feel good when u feel bad,..
never say u r alone when i m still alive…
good luck and best wishes for ever………….

A fulfilling future belongs 2 those
With strong vision and resilience.
It doesn’t matter where U might be now.
Starting well n finishing strong is what counts.

Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and
success as bright as gold.
These r my wishes 4 you today n everyday…
Good luck

There are no mistakes, no coincidences
All events are blessings given to us to learn
A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step
Good Luck

Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season
give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile.
May God succeed u in every exams of ur life.
Good luck & all the best

In everything you do, there is a purpose,
Prepare to pursue your purpose with
A prayer, ask for guidance, protection
And direction. Good Luck!

Fly in the plane of Ambition
Land in the Airport of Success..
Luck is yours, Wish is mine..
May Ur future always shine..
Good Luck

A successful man is one who can lay
A firm foundation with the bricks that
Others throw at him.
Good Luck!

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we must fail in order to know,
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.
Have a blessed day !
……………Good Luck


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