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Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational SMS, Inspirational Wishes

Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational SMS, Inspirational Wishes:These Inspirational Quotes include some word power that are capable to let us live an inspired life. The Best Inspirational Quotes Of The Day may be the words from some famous personalities that have done a lot of struggles in their life. Get the best collection of Motivational Quotes here on the page and learn to live a motivated life. There is nothing in this world you cannot do, anything you want you can make it yours. The only need is to get inspired through some Motivational Quotes About Life. With the inspired eyes, you will get anything done being full of energy.

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Inspirational SMS, Inspirational Wishes

AMEER Itne Bano Ki Aap Kitni Bhi KEEMTI Cheez Ko Chaho Tab Kharid Sako..
KEEMTI Itne Bano K Is Duniya Ka Koi AMEER Se AMEER Bhi Apko Kharid Na Sake..!!

God Has Planned Happiness For Each
One Of Us At The Right Time
In Our Life, The Only Thing
Is That He Doesn't Share His
Calendar With Us, Enjoy Surprises!

Dost Aur Dushman Ko Kabhi Vishwas Dilane Ki Zarurat Nahi Hoti..
Dushman Kabhi Yakeen Nahi Karega,
Aur Dost Kabhi Shaak Nahi Karega..!!

Never Give-Up On The Thing That You
Can’t Go A Day Without Thinking About
It. It Could Be Hard And It May Take A
Long Time To Achieve It, But It Is Always
Better To Wait Instead Of Regretting.

Aasani Se Kuch Na Mile To Udas Mat Hona,
Mil Jayega Sab To Fir Koshish Kya Karoge..?
Sapney Sab Haqiqat Nahi Hote,
Agar Hoge Sab Haqiqat To Fir Sapney Kya Dekhoge..??
Worrying Does Not Solve Any Problem, It
Really Does Absolutely Nothing To Help
You, It Just Creates More Stress, More
Unhappiness And It Takes Away Today’s
Peace From You. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Aapne Gumo Ki Numaish Na Kar,
Apne Nasib Ki Yu Ajmaish Na Kar,
Jo Tera Hai Wo Tere Dar Pe Ayega Jarur,
Roz-Roz Use Pane Ki Khwaish Na Kar..

You Are The One Creating Your Own
World, Even If It Takes Some
Courage To Make The Changes
You Always Wanted. Be Confident,
Be Brave And Prove That You
Deserve To Be The Best You Can Be!

Khushiya Milti Nahi Mangne Se,
Manzil Milti Nahi Raah Par Ruk Jane Se,
Bharosa Rakhna Khud Par Aur Bhagwan Par,
Sab Kuch Deta Hai Wo Sahi Waqt Aane Par..

Never Believe The Lines On
Your Hands That Predict Your
Future, Bcoz People Who
Don't Have Hands Also Have
A Future, Believe In Urself!

Thought Of The Day:
Kisi Se Koi Chiz Maango To Aise Maango Jese Tumhare Baap Ki Thi..
Aur Nahi Mili To Konsa Tumhare Baap Ki Thi..!!

Sometimes Hurting Is Needed To Make
Us Grow, Loss Is Needed To Make
Us Gain, Failure Is Needed To Make
Us Know, Because Some Lessons
Are Best When Learned Through Pain

Zindagi Ke Liye Kabhi Bhi Kharab Vichar Aaye,
To Ek Baat Hamesha Yaad Rakhna,
Tum Jo Zindagi Jee Rahe Ho,
Wo Bhi Kisi Ke Liye Sapney Jeisi Hogi..!!
Do Not Spoil What You Have By
Desiring What You Don't Have,
But Always Remember That
What You Now Have Was Once
Among The Things You Were
Only Hoping & Wishing To Have.

Kisi Bhi Ummid Ke Bina, Hamesha Sabka Achcha Karne Ki Koshish Karna..
Kyuki Kisi Ne Kaha He Ki,
Jo Log Phool Bechte He, Uske Haathon Mein Khushbu Reh Hi Jati Hai..!!

Insaan Bhi Kya Chij He..
Daulat Kamane Ke Pichhe Sehat Kho Deta He.
Fir Sehat Ko Pane Ke Liye Daulat Kho Deta He.
Jeeta Aise He Jaise Kabhi Marega Hi Nahi.
Or Maar Aise Jata He Jaise Kabhi Jeeya Hi Nahi..!!

Our Eyes Are In Front Because It
Is Better To Look Ahead Than
To Look Back. Don't Dwell On
Things From The Past Learn From
Them And Keep Moving Forward

‘Taqaat’ Ki Jarurat Tab Hoti Hai Jab Kuch ‘Bura’ Karna Ho,
Warna ‘Duniya’ Me Sab Kuch Paaney Ke Liye ‘Pyaar’ Hi Kaafi Hai..
Ek Sach:
Ek ‘Sachcha’ Chahne Wala Apse Har Tarah Ki Baatein Share Karta Hai,
‘Dhoka’ Dene Wala Sirf Apko ‘Achchi’ Lagne Wali Hi Baatein Karta Hai..

The People Who Left You Did Not
Understand How To Love You, This
Does Not Mean You Are Unlovable,
It Means Not Everyone Is Equipped
To Handle The Extraordinary!

Teri Kismat Ka Likha Tere Se Koi Le Nahi Sakta..!
Agar Uski Mehar Ho To Tujhe Wo Bhi Mil Jayega,
Jo Tera Ho Nahi Sakta..!!

When We Pray God Hears More
Than We Say, Answer More Than
We Ask, Give More Than We
Imagine In His Own Time And
In His Own Way, So Faith In Him!

Samje Bina Kisiko Pasand Mat Karo,
Aur Samje Bina Kisiko Kho Bi Mat Dena,
Kyuki Fikar Dil Me Hoti Hai Shabdo Me Nahi,
Aur Gussa Shabdo Me Hota Hai Dil Me Nahi..


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