Love Shayari for girlfriend and boyfriend in English and Hindi - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

Love Shayari for girlfriend and boyfriend in English and Hindi

Best collection of love shayari in English. You can use them, to sms your loved one ie. Girlfriend or boyfriend or we can say for your partner. I hope you gonna like these Love Shayari in Hindi.

Love Shayari in English

When You Feel Cold And Warm At The Same Time,
When You Read Over The Same Line For The Tenth Time,
When Your Heart And Thoughts Some How Appear To Rhyme,
And When A Simple Name Conquers Your Whole Mind,
Then You Are In Deep Trouble My Friend
you Are “Love”, We Call It The Hard Time.

Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you
Take my hand but let me touch you
But don’t try to take my heart
Because its already with you….!!

Love So You Can Be Filled With Dreams Where Emptiness Once Was,
Where Black Reigned As Darkness Now Filled With Rainbow Of Colors,
Love So You Can Soar Into The Clouds And Dance With Birds,
Long Forgotten Would Be The Damp Earth You Walked Once,
Love So You Can Feel The Warmth Like The Morning Sun’s Cheerful Embrace,
Not Of The Damp Shivering Winters,  Scarring, Bitter Heartless Cold,
Love So You Can Feel The Pain Of Longing The Sweetness Of Tender Care,
To Bleed Willingly, Joyfully  And Ask To Be Wounded More Deeply Again,
Love So You Can Learn To Live Unafraid Of Living Life To Its Fullest,
So You Can Know God In His Glory With Joyous Thankful Heart,
Love So You Can Live A Life Possessed, With Greatness And Ecstasy,
To Be Thankful With Gratitude For The Hurt You Know To Be A Gift,
Love So You Can Learn To Give And Share Rather Than To Take,
For One Who Only Takes Has Never Been Touched By Love’s Sliver Feather
And That’s How To Be The Best Friend You Can Be.

Love Shayari in Hindi

Kalam thi hath mai likhna sikhaya aapne,
Takat thi hath mai hosla dilaya aapne,
Manzil thi samne rasta dikhaya aapne,
Hum to sirf dost the, Aashiq banaya aapne.

Meri mohabbat hai woh koi majboori to nahin,
Woh mujhe chahe ya mil jaye, zaroori to nahin,
Yeh kuch kam hai ke basa hai meri saanson mein,
Woh saamne ho meri aankhon ke zaroori to nahin

Teri mohabbat se mujhe inkar nahin
Kaun kehta hai jaan mujhe tujhse pyar nahin
Tujhse vaada hai sath nibhane ka
Par mujhe apni saanson pe aitebar nahin.

Hum Ruthe To Kiske Bharose,
Kaun Hai Jo Aayega Hume Manane Ke Liye,
Ho Sakta Hai Taras Aa Bhi Jaye Aapko..
Par Dil Kaha Se Laau.. Aapse Ruth Jane K Liye.

Sukun milta hai jab unse baat hoti hai
Hazar raaton mein wo ek raat hoti hai
Nigah uthakar jab dekhte hain wo meri taraf
Mere liye wohi pal poori kaaynat hoti hai.

Tere Bina Tutkar Bikhar Jayenge,
Tum Mil Gaye To Gulshan Ki Tarah Khil Jayenge,
Tum Na Mile To Jite Ji Mar Jayenge,
Tumhe Paa Liya To Markar Bhi Jee Jayenge.

Us junoon mein ek rahat thi
Jo sirf teri chahat thi
Us chahat mein ek andaaz tha
Jo meri dhadkano ka raaz tha
Us raaz mein ek khushbu thi
Jo meri soch ki justzu thi
Us justzu mein ek hasrat thi
Jo meri khushiyon ki sharaarat thi


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