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Happy Valentines Day SMS, Messages, Wishes, Quotes and HD Wallpapers 2017

Valentine’s Day is almost near, and the couples have already started invading the shopping malls to find the best gifts for their beloved. Surely, this is a great day to be celebrated, and the expression of love gets an official appeal on this day. Thus, you cannot ever afford to miss out wishing the love of your life on this auspicious ceremony. A bunch of red roses along with a greeting card is the most special gift a lover can fetch. Although its simple, yet it has a lot to reveal in itself. There is no time better than valentines day when you can express your emotions, be it your wife or a husband in the case of the newly married couples or a fresh start of being a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Valentine’s day is meant for everyone irrespective of any age limitations.
You can send your valentine romantic happy valentine’s day wishes & messages during the morning to make him or her realize that your beloved is the first thought that pops in your mind each morning when you are about to commence your day. A greeting card with a romantic quote along with a red rose would be a perfect gift to make her day. You can also shortlist some appealing quotes and wishes and send them to your beloved via WhatsApp or mobile SMS. You need not to send a long piece of writing to your partner, all you must take care of is that words should clearly express your thoughts and feelings towards your partner to make him/ her realize how special he/ she  has been in your life.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes, HD Wallpapers 2017







Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages Wishes  2017

Love is like playing the piano,
First you must learn to,
play by the rules,
then you must forget the,
rules and lay from your heart,
Happy Valentine’s Day!".

"Love Is The Happiness Of Today,
And Promise Of Tomorrow,
So This Warm Note Comes To You,
To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love!".

"Even though Valentine’s day costs a lot more with a girlfriend,
you are the one girl in this world who is totally worth it!".

"Happy Valentines Day To You My Love,
We Were Truly Blessed By The One Above

I have a pair of eyes but cannot see you everyday.
I have a pair of ears but cannot hear your voice all the time.
but i have only one heart that cares for you all the time.
Happy Valentines Day.

Do you know why you are the perfect Valentine?
That’s because you’ve been the most amazing person
throughout the year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
Treat it gently, please do not break it.
Its full of love thats good and true,
So please keep it always close to you.
Happy Valentines Day!

The problem with most people is that,
they spend more time finding someone to sleep with,
rather than finding someone to wake up to.
Happy Valentine’s day!

When you love someone, it’s nothing.
When someone loves you, it’s something.
When you love someone & they love you back, it’s everything!
V: Valentine, you’ll be
A: Always mine; as my only
L: Love. You’re an
E: Extra-ordinary person and I have this
N: Never-ending longing always to be
T: Together with you forever. Simply said,
I: I love you and
N: Nothing can change this feeling till
E: Eternity.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s day.
Don’t be sad as most people don’t have
Aids on World Aids day as well.
Happy Valentine’s day!


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