April Fool Funny Whats app Status sms, Messages - Love SMS, Diwali Messages

April Fool Funny Whats app Status sms, Messages

April Fool Funny Whats app Status

April Fool Funny Whats app Status sms, Messages

April Fool Funny Whats app Status:If you need April Fool Sms then you need to stop your search here. you will find April Fool day messages,April fool ideas, April fool sms, April fools pranks text messages, April fools jokes, 1st April Fool, First April wallpaper, April Fool funny Wallpaper, April Fool Sms messages here. Its the day to have fun with all your fellows.

April Fool Funny Whats app Status, sms, Messages

A recent study has proved that
Fools use their thumb while reading SMS.
Now it’s too late,
Don’t try to change your finger!
Try to catch some other fool!

U r very important to me,
Its impossible 4 me to live without U even 4 a second!
U r my life & I can feel U everywhere
Don't mind! I am talking about oxygen.

U R the one who is Handsome
U R the one who is Intelligent
U R the one who is Smart
And I am the One who is spreading these Rumours.

143 Kya hai?
i love you
i miss you?
i wish you
143 means Ek Sou Taintaalees.
ma-baap ne kitni ummid se padhaya tha besharam.
April Fool Hindi SMS

Aaj, kal, harpal, har samay, har vaqt, maheno, salo saal se ek DIL tumhare liye dhadakta tha aur dhadakta rahega aur wo DIL hai ur's own DEAR.
April Fool Hindi SMS

Aeroplane aa raha hai dekho..
Chala bhi gaya Buddhu.
upar dekhna chaiye tha na.
Mobile me aayega kya
April Fool Hindi SMS

Aisa DOSTANA hamara, Mai KASHTI tu kinara, Mai DHANUSH tu teer, Mai MATAR tu paneer, Mai VARSHA tu badal, Mai RAJMA tu chawal, Mai HOT tu cool, Mai APRIL tu....?
April Fool Hindi SMS

Misses U…
Needs U…
Worries about U
Is lonely without U
Guess Who?

A Monkey in the zoo...
You are really a CUTE person!
Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

Hotho se jo choo liya,
Ehsaas ab tak hai,
Aankhe Nam hai,
Aur sanso mein Aag aab tak hai...
Aur kyo na ho...
Khayi Bhi to Hari Mirchi hai!
 Yeh sulagata jism,
Yeh kamp kampate honth,
Yeh thartharata hua badan,
Yeh ladkhadati aawaz,
Mujhe pahle hi pata tha ki tumhe

Malaria hai.
Today, tomorrow and forever
There will be one heart
That would always beat for you.
You know whose???
Your Own Stupid!!!

Feeling bored?
Wondering, what to do?
Open the zip!
Enter your hands in between your zip…
Take out your...Book from your bag and study…

If people say u r fool, be patient.
If they say u r monkey, relax.
If they say u r stupid, be cool
But if they say u r smart,
Thapad maar sale ko.

U will be a Rose for all Trees
U will be a Smile for all Faces
U will be Water Falls for all Hills
U will be a Brother
For all Cute Girls!

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